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ICDVRAT Online Resource Page

Content Editors: Bruno Herbelin & Paul Sharkey


    The online resources are in two forms: either as a downloadable ZIP file with some brief documentation OR as a link to a secondary resource page.

    DISCLAIMER: ICDVRAT does not bear any responsibility for the resources provided in this page. It is the responsibility of the users to check throughly any resources before use. Similarly, any links to secondary sources will be checked on first listing. ICDVRAT does not bear any responsibility for maintaining these links. Please email Paul Sharkey to correct any errors.

    ICDVRAT does not make any endorsements on the links below (Caveat emptor).

    If you wish to provide links to secondary sites or ZIP files of software please email Paul Sharkey, with the Subject "ICDVRAT Resource" and sufficient information following the format given on the relevent resource pages below:

Resources (as used in research presented at ICDVRAT):

Other Resources (as Recommended):

Related Conferences and Resources:

Other Related Links:

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