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  An International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation Sponsored Conference

Requests for Letters of Invitation & Confirmation of Registration

It is not necessary to have a letter of invitation to attend the International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies. The conference secretariat will only issue letters of invitation to authors of accepted papers (on request). The conference secretariat will be able to provide letters of confirmation of registration for other delegates. Please see below for details.

Letters of Invitation

Available for authors of papers accepted for presentation at the conference.

The conference secretariat will, if requested, issue a letter confirming the acceptance of your paper for presentation at the conference, and detailing the expectation that at least one author or the paper should attend the conference to present the research outlined in the paper. We can issue this letter after the review and formal acceptance of the paper.

As authors must, in any case, register for their papers to be formally included in the conference, it is usually helpful for this letter of invitation to include a confirmation that the presenting author has already registered. See further notes below on payment methods.

Requests for Confirmation of Registration

Available for delegates who are not presenting a paper at the conference.

The conference secretariat will, if requested, issue letters confirming the registration of any delegate once that delegate has registered and their delegate fee has been paid.

In the case of Bank Transfers, please note that this may take some time to process. In the case of Credit Card payment the confirmation of payment can be quickly processed.

It is the responsibility of the delegate to ensure that sufficient time is given in order for funds to clear in the ICDVRAT accounts. The conference will bear no responsibility for travel visa applications and, where delegates are not granted visas, the standard conference cancellation and refund policy will apply.

We regret that we cannot vary this policy.

The International Conference Series on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies operates on the following general principles:

  • The ICDVRAT conference series is an open conference and does not discriminate against delegates on any basis.
  • There may be limited space at some conferences if this is the case this information will be posted on the conference web site registration page. Preference will be given to authors of papers accepted for presentation at the conference.
  • Delegates can attend the conference by registering, for which a registration fee is payable. ICDVRAT will commence registration of delegates from June 1 in the year the conference is held.
  • It is the responsibility of delegates who require travel permits or visas that they have these in place before travel to the conference. The conference organisers are not responsible for arranging travel permits or visas, or providing letters of invitation in support of such applications. See additional information above.
  • If requested, the conference organisers can issue delegates with a receipt for registration fees. Receipts will only be issued after funds have cleared. Please note that receipts for Credit Card Payments are automatically sent to delegates on registration.

For more information on the International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies please refer to the website at

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