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Exchange Rate Fluctuations in 2016 ∼ following "Brexit"

Exchange Rate Fluctuations

The final rates for 2016 were generated in May based on a desirable US$ dollar registration fee to cover US costs. The May exchange rate was GBP 1.00 ∼ US $1.42. This was then converted to GBP sterling to give the equivalent rates shown on the Registration Rates 2016 page.

The equivalent US$ dollar rates at that time are shown below, with an Advance Full Delegate rate of US $510.

Due to the political upheaval following the UK referendum, the exhange rates have changed quite dramatically ∼ see chart. Nevertheless, ICDVRAT will honour the orginal fee as advertised.

As at July 10, the post-referendum exchange rate of GBP 1.00 ∼ US $1.30. This represents an Advance Full Delegate rate of US $470. Delegates from outside of the UK will see the benefit of an effective $40 dollar reduction in the Full Advance fee. Delegates from within the UK will see no change.

Equivalent US$ Registration Rates 2016 - as set, pre Brexit decision

The rates below reflect a pre-referendum exchange rate of GBP 1.00 ∼ US $1.42. This is for information only. Registrations for ICDVRAT are payable in GB Pounds, through the University of Reading's Payment System.






June 1 – July 31

August 1 – Sept 10

After Sept 11/on-site

Full Delegate

US $510

US $595

US $680

Student Delegate

US $355

US $415

US $470

Registration Payment and Cancellation Policies

Payment may be made by credit card or by Bank Transfer.

  • Payments up to September 10 may be made by either Credit Card or by Bank Transfer. Credit Card payment is preferred. For Bank Transfer, the (scanned) proof of transfer must be submitted email (or fax) with the registration form.
  • Payments after September 10 will be accepted by Credit Card only.
  • Cancellation of registration prior to July 31, 2016 will be refunded less a 25% charge; cancellation up to September 10, 2016 will be refunded less a 50% charge. The registration fee is non-refundable after September 10, 2016.
  • Any refunds will only be credited to the original credit card or bank account from which the payment was sourced.

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