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Simon Richir Photograph

Keynote Presentation: Simon Richir

Arts et Metiers ParisTech ∼ Laval Virtual, France

Blurring the Lines between Digital and Physical Worlds

Tuesday, Sept 20, 10:30-11:30

Laval Virtual Vision 2025

Blurring the Lines between Digital and Physical Worlds

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" ∼ Alan Kay (1971)

We are entering a new era where we can virtually teleport ourselves to any point on the planet and live incredible new experiences in mixing digital and physical worlds. At the center of this digital transformation, there are Immersive Technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality). In this talk, I will introduce a shared vision of the future of new Immersive Technologies going through the first draft of the "Laval Virtual Vision 2025" created during the Laval Virtual Seminar held prior to the ACM VRIC 2016 Conference. I will highlight some key points that are considered to be the main challenges for 2025 and make recommendations as to how they might be achieved.

Laval Virtual is now the largest European event in the field of immersive technologies (15,500 visitors in 2016). In 2016, we decided to inaugurate the “Laval Virtual Seminar”, a prospective seminar that brings together international experts in immersive technologies and new industries. Its second edition, to be held on March 20-22, 2017 at the Chateau de la Mazure near Laval, the “Visionaries” will work together to predict and to imagine the future of immersive technologies and then develop a common “Laval Virtual Vision”. On the third day, March 22nd, which is also the opening day of the Laval Virtual exhibition and ACM VRIC, they will present their personal views as well as a shared vision to 150 specialists from diverse fields. The 150 "specialists" will in turn work on the 4th day (March 23rd) via thematic workshops to transform the prospective outcomes into specific development projects. A large plenary session, to be held on Friday, March 24th, will present the results of this unique event, already stamped as "the Davos of immersive technologies."

More than ever, Laval Virtual is the key event to attend to be part of the tremendous growth of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies! Join the group of specialists inventing the new usages of immersive technologies! The Laval Virtual Vision aspires to become the reference in terms offuture trends for immersive technologies. Together, we will imagine and launch projects that will change the way we work and live.

Simon Richir ∼ Bio-sketch

Simon Richir, M.Eng, Ph.D., is one of the pioneers and the most recognized leaders in French VR research and its practical application. A Professor at Arts et Metiers ParisTech (ENSAM), the renowned French School of Engineering, Simon Richir is also the head of the "Presence & Innovation" research team (LAMPA Lab, EA1427). His research and teaching activities concentrate on technological innovation, engineering design process, innovative projects, and innovative uses of new advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. In addition to these activities, Professor Richir is also the co-founder and the current scientific chair of one of the world’s most prestigious international events in Virtual Reality – the annual Laval Virtual International Conference (ACM VRIC). Simon Richir also served as the essential collaborator in the development of augmented virtual reality environments in medical training and practical operations – an approach that ultimately gained the status of a “routine approach” in medical education. For 20 years, he has been developing new uses of virtual reality across a wide range of application areas.

Twitter: @simonrichir
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