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Journal Special Issue Resources


  • Please note that all correspondence concerning the Special Issues should be with Wendy Powell


  • It is possible for authors to assign DOIs to papers (e.g. through Research Gate).
  • Do NOT do this.
  • If any paper is found to have a DOI assigned outside of this process, that will disbar the paper from appearing in any Special Issue.

Reference Documents

Reformatting Essential Tips

Papers will not be included if they are not in the correct format

Papers need to be provided in either Word or RTF and also in PDF formats

  • All text should be Times Roman 10pt
  • Pay particular attention to the references format
  • Headings do not have numbering
  • Avoid bullet points/numbered lists
  • Figures should be print quality - it is not acceptable to submit unclear or fuzzy images/text in figures

  • In the suibmission start each new section on a new page
  • Figures and Tables with thier captions should be at the end of the document
  • You can indicate within the text where figures/tables should go - e.g. "Insert Figure 1 here"

  • Authors need to be listed as in the sample paper ... in particular use qualifications and not status

Final Proofs and Copyright

  • Final proofs will be provided by the journal.
  • Copyright forms will be provided by the journal.
  • There is typically a very short turnaround on both of the above. Be prepared for that.

Journal Special Issues 2016

  • Journals for 2106 will be with Nova Science Publishers under the Editoral Control of Joav Merrick

  • Journals under Joav Merrick with Nova Science are:

    International Journal of Child Health and Human Development*
    International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health
    International Public Health Journal
    Journal of Alternative Medicine Research*
    Journal of Pain Management*

    *previously hosted ICDVRAT special issues
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